VOIPVoIP, or voice over Internet Protocol, refers to a way to carry phone calls over an IP data network, whether on the Internet or your own internal network. It is the foundation for advanced communications applications that can streamline the way your business operates and significantly reduce your expenses.

ITAS Solutions can design and implement enterprise-level solutions to meet nearly any need you have for your phone systems, from basic features such as call transfer and voice or video conferencing, to more complex needs such as complete call center IT management.

We offer automated solutions for complex voice answering systems, such as routing calls to precisely the correct location, as well as recording calls to monitor employee performance. We can also create custom software to manage any specific need.

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    24/7/365 monitoring of your entire IT infrastructure:

    • Monthly Flat Rate Available
    • Identify Problems Before They Occur
    • Increase Operational Efficiency
    • Reduce Operating Costs
    • Minimize Downtime
    • Detect Security Breaches
    • Forecast and Plan Upgrades
    • Network Reliability, Accessibility and Security