VirtualizationIf your IT budget is being consumed by hardware costs and maintenance, our virtualization services can help.  Virtualization simply means creating a virtual version of a device or resource, such as a server. The device does not physically exist, but is made to appear so using software.

For example, server virtualization partitions your physical server into smaller virtual servers to maximize your server resources. These virtual environments can then have individual operating systems, can be rebooted independently of one another, and be used for different tasks. For both applications and end users, virtualization is perceived as having multiple physical servers.

There are many benefits to virtualization solutions. Virtualization reduces the square footage needed to house your hardware, and has many cost saving effects. Servers are a large investment for many companies, and reducing the amount of hardware needed to perform necessary functions frees up more of your IT budget. Virtualization utilizes your resources to the fullest, which saves on operational costs such as maintenance and power usage.

ITAS Solutions installs, configures, licenses, deploys, and maintains VMware ESX servers. We can create cost-effective virtualization solutions custom-built for your company’s unique needs, no matter the size of your business. VMware allows for independence from general-purpose operating systems, which drastically reduces the risk of security vulnerabilities.

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