Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss PreventionMore than ever before, your data is an invaluable asset of your business. You need access to this information at any given moment, yet it is constantly being updated and changed. It is crucial to your business that your data is not only protected, but is able to be quickly and seamlessly restored if it becomes corrupted or lost.

Every week 140,000 hard drives crash in the United States. Businesses find out the hard way that 60% of backups are incomplete and 50% of restores fail. Between viruses, hardware failures, and natural disasters, your precious data is at risk. You can have peace of mind knowing your network infrastructure and your data is protected with ITAS Solutions.

We offer 24/7 monitoring services to not only prevent problems before they occur, but to swiftly restore your data to prevent costly downtime. ITAS Solutions will assess your unique business needs to design and implement affordable backup and recovery systems to prevent data loss, no matter the size of your business. We are experienced in local storage, offsite storage, and cloud backup solutions. Our experts also leverage the fluidity of virtualized environments to make business continuity and disaster recovery easy, efficient and reliable.

  • Local storage: With local storage, data is stored locally onsite at your business, for example, backup to disk or NAS (network attached storage). Software assists in restoring data quickly at the local level. In the event of a natural disaster or onsite damage, your data could still be at risk. Therefore, it is important to have a secondary backup system in place.
  • Offsite storage: Replication software is used to replicate servers and data to devices at an offsite location like a data center. With replication, data can be restored in a matter of minutes, and your data is protected in the event of onsite damage to your building or hardware.
  • Cloud Backup: Data is sent directly to the cloud via a reliable Internet connection and stored at an offsite location.

ITAS Solutions understands that your IT systems are critical to the operation of your business. We design cost-effective disaster recovery solutions that include prevention, discovery, and corrective measures. Our monitoring services can prevent negative events before they occur, discover negative events before they become critical, and correct your systems and restore your data if a disaster occurs.

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